Rheem hot water heater are known for their dependability, top notch construction, and performance. With almost 100 years experience generating hot water heating systems, Rheem is the industry-standard and also the major brand we set up.

Rheem provides a wide range of domestic hot water heater to fit any kind of application or set-up. Whether you require a little gas-powered water heater, an electric design, or even a specialized device, such as direct-vent, or power-vent hot water heater, there is a Rheem unit for you. Find the bestĀ water heaters raleigh


We provide a single series of Rheem Pro domestic water heaters. There are distinctions in warranty-length, price, as well as functions. Our installation organizers can walk you through the consideration process as well as assist you pick the ideal Rheem hot water heater for your residence.

6-Year Service warranty Rheem Hot water heater

6-year service warranty water heaters are the basic-level series for Rheem. These are amazing water heaters, but they do call for yearly maintenance to drain the tank. This prevents harmful mineral deposits from creating as well as splitting the glass lining of the tank.

These Rheem hot water heater include a 6-year service warranty on parts & container, as well as a 1-year warranty on labor. The 6-year warranty does not means the unit will just last that long: your water heater, if correctly maintained, need to have a life-span of a minimum of 8 years.

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10-Year Warranty Rheem Hot water heater

The 10-year guarantee water heaters from Rheem are a step-up. These hot water heater are self-cleaning, which implies the unit moves water around the tank to stop natural resource from developing swiftly. Furthermore, these hot water heater are somewhat much more power efficient, which will certainly minimize your energy expenditures.

Rheem 10-year service warranty hot water heating systems from Fast Hot water heater Business have a 10-year service warranty on parts & tank, and a 1-year labor guarantee. This is a very popular series since life expectancy of a hot water heater is around ten years, so the service warranty covers most of a heating system’s usable life.

15-Year Warranty Rheem Hot water heater

Rheem 15-year guarantee hot water heater are the high-grade units cost household applications. With greater power efficiency, steel & brass components, the self-cleaning attribute and an added anode pole for corrosion prevention, these hot water heater supply unmatched efficiency.

Rheem 15-year guarantee water heaters are high-grade devices cost property applications. These devices come with a 2nd anode rod set up. Anode rods function by stopping corrosion as well as cracks to the glass cellular lining in your warm water container by attracting dangerous minerals in the water.

These hot water heaters include a 15-year warranty on components & storage tank, as well as a 1-year, market leading labor guarantee. The guarantee is not alloted either, so if your storage tank fails after 14 years, you will certainly get a brand-new one totally free.

Power Star

Beginning in 2015, all residential hot water heater are needed to be Power Star certified. The Rheem Energy Celebrity hot water heater we bring deal exceptional performance than basic systems as well as should conserve you money on your power expenses every year. They attain this through the use of an electrical ignition as well as damper. Rather than a heater heating the water regularly, the electrical heater setting up starts when it is required.

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One point to keep in mind, though; Power Celebrity hot water heater must be connecteded into an electric outlet. They have a long cable, but you should have an electric outlet within 15-feet of the unit. Also, if you lose power throughout a power failure, the unit will not have the ability to warm your water. But once power is recovered, the unit will automatically begin functioning again.